Monday, January 20, 2020

How ectopic pregnancy took away my chance of being a mom

Ectopic pregnancy is the worst thing that ever happened to me. It was October 14, 2016, a few days after I got my Big Fat Positive. I was overwhelmed with excitement because I am pregnant again. (My first pregnancy ended up in miscarriage at 15 weeks, almost a year later.) But then I had some spotting and though it was almost nothing at all, the fact that I miscarried with my first scared and alarmed me, so I rendered a half day at work and went for a checkup. The sonographer didn't see anything inside my uterus instead she said that there's some fluid. I was told to undergo operation immediately for it is an ectopic and it would be dangerous for me if it would burst that it would cause my life. I was devastated, they took my right fallopian tube. The doctor told me not to worry for I can still get pregnant with one tube. Although I'm sad for the mere fact that I lost my baby again, I saw a ray of hope. Two years later, I got a positive  pregnancy. I again prayed and hope that this time I would see my rainbow baby but then something I never imagined happened. I had spotting again so I went for a checkup, I told the doctor that I had miscarried with my first pregnancy and ectopic on the second so she would have an idea that there is a risk of another miscarriage or ectopic for me, but then she just prescribed me medicines and supplement (progesterone pills and duvatrene). She told me to come back after two weeks. I asked her for an ultrasound but she told me it's too early and have it later just before the follow up check up. The following days were very crucial to me because the spotting did not stop instead it became worse. The blood became more bright red and fresher with small lumps of blood. I was scared that I was miscarrying. There were times that I almost faint. A week has passed and I decided to have the ultrasound. The time I spent inside the ultrasound room was horrible. The sonographer can't see anything inside my uterus but instead feel a hard mass in my lower left abdomen. It seemed forever and I'm getting nervous and uneasy. The moment she told me it must be another ectopic, my tears fell. I already knew what that means. I wanted to scream and cry hard but I restrained myself. When my husband asked me what was the result of the ultrasound, I calmly told him that it was another ectopic and I need to be operated on immediately. He saw that I was just controlling my tears. I was told that my remaining tube might not be saved if it was ruptured already and I was sure that it was because it's almost 7 weeks (my first was only 5 weeks and it was already ruptured), so I told my husband about it and he was furious. He said that if only the doctor told me to have that ultrasound the day I checked in, my tube could have been saved because it's still early. But I told him, there's no use to be angry, everything has already happened. I was in the operating room for almost 2 hours, I was awake the whole time they were operating on me. I'm chilling, teeth clenching and half of my body was shivering as a result of the anesthesia. I didn't know what should I feel, there I was, my life's at risk, my remaining tube was ruptured and severely damaged. The baby's remains extended up to my bladder and intestines. The doctor was talking to me saying that she could no longer save it but it's as if I'm not hearing anything. All I know at that moment was that,not only did I lose my baby but I also lost the chance of bearing another baby and give birth to a child. My hope, my dream of hearing someone calling me mom, a small hand holding mine, those sweet little kisses and warm hugs and all were gone.

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