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My vision board

 I took my courage to post my vision board although it might seem / it's totally ambitious but still I posted it because I am curious as to where it going to take me. I really want to challenge myself this time and see which of these things will I be able to achieve within the time frame that I set for myself. It's been a long while that I'm suffering from boredom and lack of motivation ever since the things that I've planned and dream about didn't happen and now a big part of it has a little to no chance of happening ever. This is why I am giving myself a chance to redeem myself by creating a new set of goals which I believe with confidence that I have a greater chance of achieving. The past few months has been dark for me. There were a lot of mornings that I dreaded waking up. Many times when I'm just forcing myself to get up, move and go to work. There were a lot of sleepless nights and tears in silence. I thought that I might not be able to greet the new yea